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Gas Main Explosion Dee Banks Sandy Lane Boughton Chester. Road already closed - 21st June 2024

The Sandy Lane Ferry
The Sandy Lane Ferry starts its full summer 2024 service.
Saturday 25th May 2024.
The service takes passengers across the River Dee from Sandy Lane to the Meadows and back. - Chester Tram
Spring 2024
B5130 Sandy Lane Chester
New 3km water pipe works. Temporary Closure due to Water Works.
Severn Trent Water & Cheshire West and Chester Council
Sandy Lane Road Closure Job number : 6152523
Road closures will be in place during the works. Alternative routes considered.
Closures are will mainly affect the B5130, on Chester Road, Dee Banks and Sandy Lane, extending onto the A51 Christleton Road.

Chester Canal Side 2 bed character home

1 Churton Street
United Kingdom

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New Ginger Monkey 31 Ginger Monkey 31
New Cafe Just Opened for takeaway
31 Christleton Road Boughton Chester CH3 5UF

Facebook New Facebook Group
People against travel lanes Chester
Chester and District Standard
Controversial Chester trial bus lane scheme activated Today
The new lanes on the A51 Boughton and the A5116 Liverpool Road were activated on the morning of Monday 5th October 20. Officially for the first time.

12th September 2020 - A water main has burst on the main road in Boughton outside Waitrose. Road closed going out of Chester.

September 2020 - New experimental bus lanes have been put on Christleton Road.
New beer and wine retailer Boughton Canalside Chester.
Retailing wine, beer and stuff on a canal ( a couple of metres “inland” to be precise).
Gnome and Away is attached to existing canalside bar and restaurant.
New opening hours are- 12-9 Monday to Saturday, 12-7 Sunday.
Gnome and Away New beer and wine retailer Boughton Canalside Chester

Fade Barbers Boughton Chester Page 1
New Shop
Fade Barbers
63-65 Boughton Chester CH3 5AF

July 2020 - Fade Barbers has opened 63-65 Boughton Chester CH3 5AF - The Kitchen Company Chester

Construction is finishing on the new Moxy Hotel in Boughton and The Shot Tower Apartments - August 2020

James Richards Circus
Great Boughton
Thackeray Park Vicars Cross Chester
2021 TBA
All Human Production
Peregrine falcons are currently nesting on the top of the Boughton Lead Shot Tower.
A watch point on the canal next to Waitrose has been setup. - Raptor Aid Boughton Chester Page 1

New Faulkner Street Shop is now open again. - Number 47 Hoole Chester Page 1 - Number 47 Hoole Chester Page 2
New CodeUp Chester
A free monthly workshop for adults to learn coding. We meet on the third Tuesday of the month at Code Nation, 8 Boughton, CH3 5AG.
Meetings host and sponsor @wearecodenation. It’s never too late to learn to code. We’ll have mentors on hand to help if you’re a beginner.

Belissima Hair and Beauty Chester - Belissima Hair and Beauty Chester
27-29 Christleton Road
01244 320290

New Salon : Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal Care

Open 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

NewCo-op Christleton Road Opened 1st June 2017 Christleton Road Boughton Chester - co-op Logo 1
Hello from the Christleton Road Co-op team.
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Open Garden 2021 TBA

150 Barrel Well Hill
Boughton Chester

Will be open again this year for a few days as part of The National Gardens Scheme.
3800 NGS gardens to visit with the best of plants, flowers and garden design (including National Trust). Open your garden. - The National Gardens Scheme

Icon Hair has closed, Tanning & Beauty has opened - New Evans Cycles Chester
Unit 1
Waitrose Boughton
Tarvin Road
01244 271 100
Monday Tuesday Wednesday & Friday 10am-7pm
Bike Shop. New Chester store is open with exclusive opening offers.

A History of Boughton

Chester Landmark Tour
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Origin of the name
Beach - ton [a settlement were beach trees are growing?]
Bock -stow [blue stone, location of a blue boundary marker stone?]

Christleton Road, Chester (30 Minutes walk from the cross) - St Giles Cemetery Plaque Details in Boughton A close up of John Speed's Map of Chester 1610 showing Boughton - Boughton Cross


Boughton is a suburb of Chester located a mile to the east of the city on a bend in the River Dee. Boughton has a long history stretching back into Roman times. Natural pure water springs were tapped and water transported to the Roman fortress nearby. Important Roman roads into the fortress were lined with cremation burials and possibly monuments. Traces of a Roman Temple were discovered near Boughton Bars. In the middle ages Boughton was a place of execution and the housing of the sick. Much of Boughton was destroyed in the English Civil War.

St Paul's Church, Boughton from the River Dee. Click for the Web Site >>>

There is not much for the tourist to see in Boughton today. Apart from the small graveyard of the chapel of St. Giles. The recorded history of this area of the city started in roman times. This area was the intersection of 3 roman roads. These roads can be seen on the small map above and the path of these roads can also be seen today.

The name 'boughton' or 'bluestone' may have originated from the placement of a blue boundary stone (now lost) along side the road similar to the Gloverstone which stood outside Chester Castle.

The Gloverstone

Roman Times

In Roman times Boughton was well outside the Roman Fortress. A number of Roman cremation urns have been discovered dotted throughout the area. Suggesting that the three Roman Roads that converged in the area may have had burials and cremations along them. The most surprising find to come from Boughton was a large Roman Altar standing almost four feet high. It was discovered by workmen in 1821 toppled over almost in situ in a field now lost called 'the daniels'. This was thought to be located somewhere behind the Cherry Orchard Pub. The altar was damaged by pickaxe before it was discovered what it was. The altar marked the position of the well head for the springs for the Roman Fortress. And is dedicated to the 'Nymphs and fountains of the twentieth legion (Valeria Vitrix)'. The inscription is on both sides and it was designed to be seen from two viewpoints.

The altar was purchased privately be the Duke of Westminster. And is now in the private grounds of Eaton Hall.

Roman Altar found in Boughton Site of the Boughton Springs

Roman Altar Found in BoughtonRoman Altar Found in Boughton

Near the altar was a spring long since dried up. Water was tapped off and conveyed to the fortress by the means of a terra cotta pipeline. Part of the aqueduct was found during the construction of the Grosvenor Park Lodge.

Roman Terra Cotta pipes

Some of the Roman Terra Cotta pipes found are now in the Grosvenor Museum.

The Hospital

St Giles from the Cloister window in Chester Cathedral The Site of the Hospital St Giles from the Cloister window in Chester Cathedral

The next major part of Boughton's history starts early in the 12th century when Earl Randle Blunderville founded a leper hospital, a mile from the city walls. This hospital looked after people with all kinds of diseases including the plague. The area is shown on the map as a cluster of pest houses surrounding a chapel, south of the road junction of Christleton and Tarvin Road.

There were in fact two chapels. One in the middle of the fork in the road called Boughton chapel-at-ease, belonging to St Oswald's parish. The other across the road called the Chapel of Spital Boughton. The hospital was granted charters and privileges including the right to extract tax from people passing with goods into Chester.

All that is left today is the small graveyard and an inscription. The inscription reads:

St Giles CemeteryThe Site of the Hospital

Cemetery Sign

St Giles Cemetery. Here stood the leper hospital and chapel of St Giles. Founded early in the 12th century and endowed by successive Norman earls of Chester they remained in constant use until 1643. When defensive measures during the siege of Chester necessitated the demolition of buildings outside the city walls. The cemetery remained to mark the site and in time the little village of Spital Boughton clustered around it. In 1644 the royalist defenders suffered great loss of life in a gallant sortie in Boughton and many of the fallen were buried here. It was also used for victims of the plagues which ravaged the city in the 16th and 17th centuries. Being extra parochial the site was granted to the corporation by Charles II in 1685. As a burial ground and through for a period in the charge of St Johns parish. It remains in their hands. When protestant martyr George Marsh was burned at the stake on gallows hill close by his ashes were collected by his friends and buried here. The last burial took place in 1854.

St Giles Cemetery Drinking Fountain Page One

St Giles Cemetery Drinking Fountain Page Two

A drinking fountain was erected in the middle of the road. But has since been moved to the side of the cemetery.

It has long since gone out of use. It is inscribed:

"Presented to the city by Miss Humble of Vicars Cross in memory of the late Ed Humble and the ---- who reside there"

St Giles CemeterySt Giles CemeterySt Giles Cemetery

George Marsh

A Protestant Martyr
(Born in Deane 1515 - Died in Chester 1555)

George Marsh Memorial George Marsh

George Marsh was the only person martyred in Cheshire under Queen Mary. He was burned at the stake on the 24th April 1555 in Boughton north of Christleton road opposite the Gallows. George Marsh was condemned to burn to death as a heretic by bishop of Chester George Coats at the consistory court in the Cathedral. Which was then housed in the Lady Chapel behind the high altar.

George Marsh was a preacher from near Bolton in an area on the hill above the town called 'Deane'. He went about his way preaching stories from the bible in the villages around Bolton, he was employed by Edward VI in 1547 as a preaching minister. He was a tall man with a cleaver way with words. But during the reign of Queen Mary his preaching's were out of step with the new Catholic ways. He was brought before the authorities, Justice Barton at Smithills Hall. But refused to change his ways. He was imprisoned for a time at Lancaster Castle but people still flocked to his prison cell to hear him preach. He was then moved to Chester to be tried and executed. He was given the change to go free if he became a Catholic. But he refused to do this. He was taken to Boughton to be burned at the stake. He was tied to the stake and a barrel of tar was set above is head to drip on him as he burned. After he was executed his ashes were collected by his friends and buried in St Giles Cemetery nearby.

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John Plessington

Father John Plessington was the Catholic priest in charge at St Winifred's well, Holywell North Wales. Who was executed at Boughton on the 19th of July 1679. He was made a saint on the 25th October 1970.
There is a memorial to him in the entrance porch of St Werburgh's Catholic Church Grosvenor Road.

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Father John Plessington memorial in St Werburgh's catholic church

Civil War

Civil War in Boughton Civil War in Boughton Civil War in Boughton

The entire township of Boughton was burned down in the English civil war on 20th July 1643 after an attack. This prevented parliamentarian troops using the buildings as cover to attack the city. West of the Hospital, just before the junction of Christleton road and Hoole Road. Royalist soldiers constructed an earth wall, to protect the city from attack. They built a turnpike barrier across the road. Two gun emplacements flanked it. Even today this area is known as The Mount. Because of the rests the muskets were placed on for steady aim. All that remains now the small graveyard of the hospital.

Near the site of the earth wall there is a 17th century figure high up the brickwork of a shop.

Boughton 1 Boughton 2 Boughton 3

It is said that the small figure which appears to be a 17th Century soldier commemorates an attack on the Boughton suburb and turnpike gate by parliamentarian soldiers before the siege of Chester to clear the way so cannons could be brought along the road to St John's Church. So they could bombard the City within the walls.


After the civil war Boughton was gradually rebuilt. For example, Boughton Hall. Which has an old fireplace with the date 1655 and TH inscribed above it. Boughton House on Sandy lane has a 17th century gable. The hospital was never rebuilt. Instead it was transferred to Northgate Street.

The ancient gateway called the Boughton Barrs was demolished.
Boughton Barrs

Boughton Bars area today.
Boughton Bars area today

The Old Leadworks

New - Neptune October 2012 - Approval has been granted for Neptune Developments to create 52 apartments, 8 retail units, cafe courtyard and heritage centre.

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The Shot Tower

19th Century

Walmor House was built in 1890 over looking the river Dee on Sandy Lane. It was the headquarters of the Cheshire Fire Service until 1997. On Christleton Road the space by St. Giles cemetery was left after the 19th century Black Lion public house was demolished in 1971. The history of that establishment can be traced back to 1696. When the lord mayor greeted William III on his visit to Chester outside.

St Pauls church in Boughton was redesigned in 1875 by the Chester architect John Douglas.

Walmor HouseSite of the Black Lion

Numbers 1 - 5, Christleton Road designed by John Douglas. It used to be a Post Office. The drinking fountain to the side was originally located in front of the building.
Boughton1 - 5 Boughton

Boughton Shops

John Douglas restored the church of St Pauls.
St. Pauls BoughtonSt Pauls church was restored by John Douglas

20th Century

In the 20th century the Peacock pub was relocated from the other side of the road (From the site of the Peacock garage), to the corner of Heath Lane. This was to allow the parking of cars. The area continued to grow, and many houses and streets were built around Christleton Road. Just before the war years, rows of shops were built along Christleton Road before the peacock. A cinema was built next to the peacock but was never used as such. It is now an auction room. Sainsburys located a supermarket on the roundabout.

Today many fine houses line the River Dee at Boughton.
4 bedroom property for sale in Barrel Well Hill, Chester
150 Barrel Well Hill is situated within a conservation area,accessed off a no through lane a short distance to the centre of Chester.
Boughton - Fine Houses

Boughton Shops.

The River Dee and the Meadows can be viewed in some places.

The Sandy Lane Ferry
Cheshire West and Chester Council
September 2022
Have you ever used the Sandy Lane Ferry in Chester ?
If so, please let us know what you think.
We’re asking for views so we can improve or perhaps extend the service

The Sandy Lane Ferry operates on Sundays and Bank Holidays, Summer Time only between the Meadows and Sandy Lane.

Click here for more information
Boughton Ferry

The Pubs of Boughton

The Peacock on Christleton Road.
The Peacock Pub in Boughton

The Cherry Orchard, Boughton close to the Peacock
The Cherry Orchard

The Mount just off Chrisleton Road
The Mount

The Spital Vaults off Chrisleton Road
The Spital Vaults in Boughton is under new management
Spital Vaults

The Twirl of Hay, near Sainsburys
The Twirl of Hay

21st Century

New Canalside Housing Developments. -  Boughton 35

The area of the old lead works and the canal side are currently subject to new housing developments.
Below are pictures of Stocks Lane bowling green, Walmore Hill path to the river and Sandy Lane paddling pool.

Bowling Green in Boughton Walmor Hill The Old Paddling Pool

86/90 Boughton
01244 345576
Fax : 01244 348134
Email : - Smashies Smash Burgers

Smashies Smash Burgers
59 Boughton
01244 340 330

New Fast Food Outlet near Chester in Boughton.
NEW burger takeaway Opening 4th January 2022.

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A view of the City of Chester and the River Dee. - A view of the City of Chester

The start of the Caldy Valley Nature Trail. - The start of the Caldy Valley Nature Trail

Caldy Valley Retail Park - Boughton 1

Sainsbury's Supermarket in Boughton near Boughton Heath Roundabout
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Boughton 6

Premier Inn Chester Central South
Boughton - Premier Inn Chester Central South

Boughton Heath Roundabout. The entrance to Chester from the A41 from Whitchurch, A55 from North Wales, M53, M56.
Boughton 1

Boughton 2

The Entrance to Chester on the A41 heading into Boughton
Boughton 3

Going along the A41 into Boughton
Boughton 4

The Peacock Pub and the start of the Boughton Shops
Boughton 5

Shopping in Boughton

Click here to find out more >>>
Shopping in Boughton, Click here to find out more

Mercure Chester Abbots Well Hotel
AA RatingStarStarStarStar Mercure Chester East Hotel. Click here to Book On-Line
Whitchurch Road
Great Boughton
0844 815 9001
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Bedrooms 126 En-suite Bedrooms
Parking Large Private Car Park in front of the Hotel

Previously known as Ramada Jarvis Chester and The Abbots Well Hotel

A warm and friendly welcome awaits you along with comfortable beds with crisp cotton linen and soft duvets, flat screen TVs with on demand movies, loungable sofas and fine food and wines all in a relaxing atmosphere. Mercure Chester East offers a range of areas to eat and drink including an outside patio overlooking our beautiful gardens in the summer months. For the more active our Sebastian Coe Health and Leisure Club offers full gym facilities along with a large swimming pool, Sauna and steam room. Beauty treatments and massages are available on request. Whether for business or pleasure looking after you is our No 1 priority.

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Panarama of the Shops at the Bars in Boughton, Chester.

Panorama of Boughton Suburb of Chester

The Water Tower is now a listed building !
The Water Tower in Boughton
Acacia Floral Designs have moved to Saltney

Business in the area

Kutchenhaus Chester Kutchenhaus Chester

Kutchenhaus Chester

Unit 2
157 - 167 Foregate Street
01244 295 011

Kitchen Showroom

The German Kitchen
Supply only or fully installed
Free design service
Custom Made
Fully assembled kitchen units
Finance options available

At Kutchenhaus we have Solutions made to meet your highest standards. German products are renowned for their quality and reliability.
Visit a Kutchenhaus kitchen showroom. Your dream kitchen is just a showroom away. Looking for ideas for your new kitchen? Visit one of our many Kutchenhaus kitchen showrooms across the United Kingdom. In our showrooms, you can take an in-depth look at almost all the different kitchen ranges we have to offer. You can also book an appointment with one of our inhouse designers in your local showroom online. Our kitchen experts will give you ideas and advice on what your kitchen can look like and ensure that it works for your individual wants

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Twisted Barrels Deva Wines

Twisted Barrels

31A Boughton
01244 318 041

Tattoo and Piercing established 2004

Deva Wines Deva Wines

Deva Wines

43 Boughton
01244 320 321

Deva Wines wine merchants in Boughton less than one mile from the Cross.

Open Monday - Saturday 10am - 10pm. Sunday 11am - 10pm

Click here for more information

Street parking available

Aliz Aliz


26 Christleton Road
077 330 76721

Designer Vintage Clothing at afforable prices.

Davis Outlet Kitchen Davis Outlet Kitchen

Davis Outlet Kitchen

28 Christleton Road
01244 342 135
07890 024 151

Davis Outlet Kitchens

Kitchen showroom

Click here for more information

Tanners Wines
Tanners Wines

Tanners Wines

New House
150 Christleton Road

Tanners Wine Merchants. Buy Wine Online. Independent family wine merchants.

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Entyce Creative
Entyce Creative

Entyce Creative

1A Spital Walk
01244 310 140

Entyce Creative is an innovative and professional design agency based in Cheshire. Read more about Entyce Creative > We adore what we do and our philosophy is to build long-lasting and rewarding relationships with our clients. We create thoughtful designs and ideas, and consistently deliver superb results by listening to our clients and involving them at each stage of our work. Our mission is to always meet and exceed expectations - and to challenge clients' thinking to ensure they get the most out of every project. Along the way we make their lives happier and easier. When you need an agency which is passionate about design and creativity, Entyce Creative makes perfect sense.

Flair Hairdressing Salon Flair Hairdressing Salon

Flair Hairdressing Salon

58 Becketts Lane
01244 324 851

Well established hairdressers in Boughton.

Chester Convenience Store
Chester Convenience Store Boughton

Chester Convenience Store

9-13 Boughton
01244 324 081

The Web Master has Visited this establishment Date Visited 17th August 2022

Excellent large newsagent shop on Boughton main road. Open late alcohol sold.

The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation
The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation Boughton Chester

The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

51 Boughton
01244 315 284

Charity shop and donation station. Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation: The UK's only Lung Cancer Charity. Committed to medical research, reducing smoking and patient support.

Click here for more information

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Second Time Around Furnishings
Second Time Around Furnishings Boughton Chester

Second Time Around Furnishings

6 Christleton Road
01244 316 394
Graham and Gary Shacklady
07831 318 411
07889 988 887

Simon Boyd - Simon Boyd Boughton Chester

Simon Boyd

38 Christleton Road
01244 311 160

A leading soft furnishings company, Simon Boyd offer a great range of services including interior design, uphostery & made to measure products.

Alec Ainley - Alec Ainley

Alec Ainley

97B Christleton Road
01244 346 558
Fax 01244 315 505

Electrical Wholesaler

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Kebab 58 - Kebab 58 Boughton Chester

Kebab 58

124 Christleton Road
01244 639 295

Kebabs - Burgers - Pizzas

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i - Kebab 58

Flowers by Emma of Chester - Flowers by Emma of Chesterr Boughton Page One - Flowers by Emma of Chester Boughton Page Two

Flowers by Emma of Chester

140 Christleton Road
01244 348 295

Flowers on the main shopping parade. Same day flower delivery Chester by Flowers by Emma Florist your local flower shop, send flowers, wedding flowers & funeral flowers.

Previously called Flowers by Gaynor.

The Web Master has Visited this establishment - Flowers by Gaynor Date Visited 10th February 2016

Parkinson Property Rentals - Parkinson Property Rentals Boughton Chester

Parkinson Property Rentals

97 Boughton
01244 351 300

Looking to rent out your property? Our family run business has managed residential properties for over 25 years, providing a professional, comprehensive service.

Landlord services

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The Bike Factory - The Bike Factory Boughton Chester

The Bike Factory

153 Christleton Road
01244 317 893

The Bike Factory cycles and parts / accessories

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i - The Bike Factory Boughton Chester - ProBike Motorcycle Training Chester

ProBike Motorcycle Training

Chester and North Wales
01244 822 151

ProBike Motorcycle Training is the home of motorcycle and scooter training in Chester, North Wales and Wirral, with the largest off-road training centre and practice site in the country, and two local sites at Deeside (next to Deeside Ice Rink/Leisure Centre) and on Sandy Lane Chester.




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