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Curiosities of Chester

Curiosities of Chester

Midsummer Watch Jugglers by David Annand

This sculpture was made from stainless steel and was installed on the roundabout near the Bache on the 17th/18th of October 2000. It shows two figures in Elizabethan costumes juggling with firebrands and refers to the midsummer watch. A pageant dating back to 1498. And forbidden by the Puritans but re-established in 1996 by Chester City Council.

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Sculpure on a roundabout

The Refectory Pulpit in Chester Cathedral.
It is thought that this is the most complete example of a refectory pulpit in the country. There is another example of one in Beaulieu Cistercian Abbey in Hampshire.
The Refectory Pulpit

Lincoln Cathedral has got one.
But Chester also has one but he is less well known. Who is he ?
He is the Chester Imp. He can be found high up in the Nave. He is spot lighted high up on the North Nave Wall. He is hard to see
The Chester Imp

In the Choir of Chester Cathedral on the end of one of the stalls is an elephant.
It was carved in medieval times and the artist had never seen an elephant before.
If you look the head is very pointed and the trunk is too narrow.
The Chester Elephant

Scratched into the first floor front window of Olde Leche house, Watergate Street with a diamond ring.
Are the words 'Charming Miss Oldfield 1736'. Said to be placed there by the famous 18th century lexicographer and wit Dr Samuel Johnson. Quote by Dr Samuel Johnson, Olde Leche House, Watergate Street,Chester

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