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Eaton Hall

The Grosvenor Estate
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The Gardens at Eaton Hall, the family home of the Duke and Duchess of Westminster, have been opened to the public at certain times each year since 1845.

Home of His Grace the Duke of Westminster
Eaton Estate Web Site
Eaton Hall 10

Eaton Hall

Eaton Hall is the private home to the Duke of Westminster, one of the wealthiest men in the country. Eaton Hall is set in a massive estate and is located a few miles south of Chester on the old Wrexham Road. The Duke of Westminster owns large parts of London and Chester.
Eaton Hall 11 Eaton Hall 12
Eaton Hall 13

The Clock Tower
Eaton Hall 14

The Stables
Eaton Hall 15 Eaton Hall 16

The Chapel and Shell Grotto
Eaton Hall 17 Eaton Hall 18

The walkway and Wall
Eaton Hall 19 Eaton Hall 20

Other buildings in the gardens
Eaton Hall 21 Eaton Hall 22

The Gardens

Visitors are allowed into the gardens of Eaton Hall once a year on bank holidays.
Eaton Hall 23 Eaton Hall 24

Eaton Hall 25 Eaton Hall 26

Eaton Hall 27 Eaton Hall 28

The Statues

Eaton Hall 29 Eaton Hall 30

Eaton Hall 31 Eaton Hall 32

Eaton Hall 33 Eaton Hall 34

The Centre Feature

Eaton Hall 35

The Lake

To the end of the Gardens there is a large lake.
Eaton Hall 36

A Statue of Mercury in the Gardens.
Eaton Hall 37

The Boughton Altar

In Roman times Boughton was well outside the Roman Fortress. A number of Roman cremation urns have been discovered dotted throughout the area. Suggesting that the three Roman Roads that converged in the area may have had burials and cremations along them. The most surprising find to come from Boughton was a large Roman Altar standing almost four feet high. It was discovered by workmen in 1821 toppled over almost in situ in a field now lost called 'the Daniels'. This was thought to be located somewhere behind the Cherry Orchard Pub. The altar was damaged by pickaxe before it was discovered what it was. The altar marked the position of the well head for the springs for the Roman Fortress. And is dedicated to the 'Nymphs and fountains of the twentieth legion (Valeria Vitrix)'. The inscription is on both sides and it was designed to be seen from two viewpoints.

The altar was purchased privately be the Duke of Westminster. And is now in the private grounds of Eaton Hall.

Eaton Hall
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Roman Altar Found in Boughton Roman Altar Found in Boughton

The Dukes Coach Collection

Eaton Hall Page One

Eaton Hall Page Two

Eaton Hall Page Three

The Dragon Pond

Eaton Hall

Eaton Hall Garden Open Days

2023 TBA

Eaton Hall Open Days
Eaton Hall Gardens Open Days
All events run from 10.30am to 5pm
Adults 6 Children 1.50
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Eaton Hall Garden Open Days. Eaton Hall Gardens are open to the public four times a year in order to raise funds for local charities.

See the more information page for dates
(Gates open at 10am for parking only and last admission at 4.30pm)

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