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The Roman Gardens Chester

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The Roman Gardens are open

The Roman Gardens are locked every evening.

New April 2016 - Pathway reopened

The Roman Gardens will be closed in January 2012 for refurbishment

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The Roman Gardens

The Roman gardens are located just outside the city walls near the Newgate and Chester Amphitheatre. Access is free and open to all. The Roman Gardens stretch to the River and are next to the City Walls opposite The Amphitheatre and Souters Lane. They can be accessed from Little St John Street near New Gate on the City Walls and from the Groves. The Roman gardens were designed in the year 2000 by Chester City Council, and was made possible by generous donations from the estate of Sally, late Duchess of Westminster.

Clay pipe factory

During the 17th Century this area was home to Chester's flourishing clay tobacco pipe industry. Kilns were setup along the city walls to produce the clay pipes for export and local use. The industry died out with the introduction of cigarettes.

Roman Gardens - Information plaque on the Clay Tobacco Pipe Factories

Roman Gardens - Clay Tobacco Pipes found in the Amphitheatre

Civil War

As you enter the Gardens on your right is a plaque on one of the Roman Stones. This is the place were on the 22nd of September 1645 parliamentary cannons placed in St Johns Church Yard fired some thirty two shots to create a breach in the walls at this point. A hole was made large enough for ten men to enter at the same time. But the royalist defenders hurriedly collected bedding and wool-packs to block up the gap. - The Roman Gardens - The Roman Gardens - Civil War Siege Damage Information Plaque

Roman Stones

Walking past the Civil War breach you come to all collection of Roman stones retrieved from the city walls. The five columns come from the legionary baths exercise hall. There coping stones from the fortress wall and ornamental parts of Roman building.

The Roman Gardens The Roman Gardens The Roman Gardens - Fortress Coping Stone

This stone is an example of Roman Cornice Moulding. To the right is a modern example from Stockport Town Hall
Cornice MoldingCornice Molding from Stockport Town Hall

Cornice Molding Example

Below is a coping stone that would have been placed on top of the Roman fortress wall.
A coping stone from the Fortress WallSurviving part of the roman fortess wall

Roman Hypocaust

Next is a reconstruction of a Roman hypocaust recovered from the legionary baths in Bridge Street.

reconstruction of a Roman hypocaustreconstruction of a Roman hypocaust

Roman hypocaust information plaqueRoman hypocaust information plaque

Roman Columns

Roman Columns and Capitals

These five Roman columns were recovered from the legionary bath exercise hall located just to the north of the legionary baths in the 19th century during the demolition of the Feathers Hotel on Bridge Street. The columns came from inside the building and they were positioned into a aisle similar to a Cathedral.

A reconstuction of the legionary bath exercise hall

These Roman coloumns were recovered from the legionary bath exercise hall These Roman coloumns were recovered from the legionary bath exercise hall

Cock Pit Hill

The Roman Gardens Cock Pit

Cock Pit Hill was the site of the Old City Cock Fighting Pit
It has been the scene of cock fighting for over 250 years. A 'fair cockpit' was laid out by the Earl of Derby in 1619 and was later replaced by a new City Cock Pit nearer to the Newgate, Just to the north. This circular structure covered in thatch was rebuilt as a 'good brick building' in 1825. People called it the 'little amphitheatre'.
Old City Cock Fighting Pit 1 Old City Cock Fighting Pit 2

The Roman Gardens

The Roman Gardens - Buttresses on the City Wall

Barnaby's Tower

Next the gardens narrow and you come up against the city wall. From here you can see the foundations of one of the medieval towers. Cannon ball marks have been found on the base of Barnaby's Tower.
Click on the picture to walk the walls.
The Roman Gardens

The Groves

At the end of your gentle walk you come downhill to the Groves. An idle place for a riverside stroll, you can also walk the Groves virtually from here. Click on the picture to walk the Groves. This area is close to the Recorder Hotel. Click here to find out more >>>
The Roman Gardens

If you turn to your right you can walk along the Groves to the Bridgegate and Bridge Street.
Turn to the right at the end of the walk to reach the Bridgate


Moonlight Flicks Moonlight Flicks

Moonlight Flicks
Roman Gardens Chester
Summer 2020 Being held in the Dean's Field Chester Cathedral
TBA Summer 2021
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Spirited Away The Gin Sessions
Friday 7th December 2018 7pm10pm

Chester Roman Gardens CH1 1DQ Chester
Hosted by The Bespoke Drinks Company

A sensory experience through the history of all things gin. Combining Chesters rich history, with a sprinkle of something different on top.
6 Courses of cocktails and gin concoctions, paired with a series of canaps and goody bags to take away.
Tickets on sale from 1st November 2018 (RSVP via)


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