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Ship Gate

The Shipgate now stands re-erected in Grosvenor Park but it was once stood a few yards to the west of Bridgegate. Built in the time of Henry III or Edward I, it served as an entrance and as a route to bring cargo up the hill of St Mary's into the city. The gate had a keeper, whose job it was to lock the gate at night and extract taxes from those passing through with goods from the ships moored at the River.

A ferry once ran from in front of the Shipgate to Handbridge. It cost less than the toll to cross the Old Dee Bridge. There is also a ford at this point in the river. Also known as the 'hole in the wall', the gate was demolished in 1831 and later moved to Grosvenor Park nearby.

Ship Gate

The Shipgate was located near to the tidal part of the River Dee and the Old Dee Bridge. Click to find out more >>> Ship Gate

Ship Gate

An old sketch of the Shipgate in its original position.
Ship Gate

Shipgate Street leads to St. Mary's Hill. Click on the picture to find out more
St. Marys Church on the Hill

If you turn right Shipgate Street connects with Lower Bridge Street. Click to find out more
Ship Gate

You can also join the City Walls at this point. Click on the picture to walk the walls
Shipgate meets the walls

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The Old Shipgate
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