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Roman Strong Room Off Northgate Street Chester

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Behind The Dublin Packet Pub, Hamilton Place, (Off Northgate Street), Chester (1 Minutes walk from the cross)

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Roman Strong Room 1 Roman Strong Room 2

Preserved and viewable through glass windows are the remains of the 'Roman Strong Room'.
The 'aerarium' as it would have been known to the Romans was a secure storage area for the army pay chests.
It was located under the floor and was cut into the natural sandstone bedrock for security.

The legion's standards would have been stored in the legionary shrine room above called the 'sacellum'.

Roman Strong Room 3

Roman Strong Room 4

Roman Strong Room 5

Roman Strong Room 6

In Roman times these rooms would have been located at the back of the 'Aedes'.
Which was a hall at the back of the principia shown below.

Strongroom Principia

Entrance to the Roman Strong Room via Northgate Street

Entrance to the Roman Strong Room via Northgate Street.

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