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Located in the basement of Pret-A-Manger on Northgate Street Chester are the remains of the aisle columns of the Roman Principia or headquarters building. This large building was located at the centre of Chester and extends from St Peter's church to the Market Hall. The remains of this building still exist today several metres down under the modern building.

It is thought the reason Northgate Street is slightly bowed is to avoid the substantial remains of this building.

Pret A Manger

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Pret-A-Manger Chester
Pret-A-Manger Chester

Roman Column

Visible through the floor at the front of the shop is a Roman column base in situ of the Principia building.
 Roman Principia building. Click for more information


Not normally open to the public is the basement which contains more Roman remains and a mural of the Principia building.

Chester Roman Principia Mural

Chester Roman Principia Roman Coloumn in the wall 2

Chester Roman Principia Roman Coloumn in the wall 3

Chester Roman Principia Roman Column Base 4

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