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The Bridgegate
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The Bridgegate

Latin Name Porta ad Pontem
Bridgegate 1

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The Bridgegate is located at the end of Bridgegate Street just in front of the Old Dee Bridge and the River Dee. The present structure was constructed after the medieval gate was demolished to allow an increased flow of traffic. After the battle of Rowton Moor King Charles the first left Chester for Wales through this gate. This scene is depicted in the West Window of St. John's Church, Chester.

King Charles I crossing the Old Dee Bridge

A view looking up Bridge Street from on the Bridgegate. There is a ramp to the city walls near here.

Bridgegate looking North

The Old Bridgegate.

Below is a drawing of the medieval Bridgegate that stood on the current site of the new Bridgegate from medieval times until 1782, when it was demolished in order to build a gate with better access into the city. The original Bridgegate was more defensive in design and had a narrow passageway flanked by two massive towers. Tolls were paid to the sergeant of the gate on goods passing through into the city. The sergeancy of the gate changed hands through several local families like the Norrrise’s and Troutbeck’s.

The Old Bridgegate

In 1601 John Tyrer a lay clerk at the cathedral was given permission to build a tower on the top for the purpose of providing a pressurised water supply from the River Dee into the city. This private operation was successful and another tower was setup at Boughton, but John Tyrer himself died in 1611. The tower was destroyed with the old gate.

Tyrer's Tower

The medieval gateway was demolished in 1782 and was replaced by the present structure.
It was designed by Joseph Turner and was built by the Chester Corporation.

Old Crest

A plaque on the inside of the Bridgegate

Bridgegate Information Sign

The Four Main Gates of Chester

The Watergate
The Northgate
The Northgate
The Bridgegate
The Bridgegate
The Eastgate
The Eastgate

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