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The Northgate

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The Northgate

Northgate Street, Chester (1 Min walk from the cross)
A closer view of the Northgate


The Northgate steps are now open in December 2020.

The Northgate steps 1

The Northgate steps 2

The Northgate steps 3

Chester Landmark Tour - Northgate
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Take a closer look - Northgate
The Northgate The Old Northgate Chester from outside the gate

The medieval gateway and gaol (above right) was demolished in 1808. And the present gateway was constructed.
It has an inscription in Latin above the arch:


"The north gate built by the Romans being now about to disintegrate, Robert Earl Grosvenor has had it entirely restored at his own expense in the 51st year of the reign of George III."

Plaque on the Northgate Page Page 1 You can join the walls at this point A view of Nortgate Street Page 2

Roman Fortress Wall

Surviving part of the roman fortess wall Page 1 Surviving part of the roman fortess wall Page 2

To the left of the Northgate outside the wall is a surviving part of the roman fortress wall. This section is complete with the cornice stone.

The Bridge of Sighs

The Bridge of Sighs in Chester

The Bridge of Sighs Tourist Information Sign on Northgate Street Chester

To the right of the Northgate outside is the bridge of sighs. Named after a similar bridge in Italy. This little disused bridge was used to lead condemned prisoners from the Northgate goal to the Chapel in the Blue Coat Hospital to hear prayers before being executed.

The Bridge of Sighs depicted in a mural in the near by Bull & Stirrup Pub.

The Bridge of Sighs depicted in a mural in the near by Bull & Stirrup Pub

Just for good measure this is the real bridge of sighs in Venice, Italy.

The Bridge of Sighs in Venice Italy Page 1

The Blue Coat School

Chester Millennium Festival Trail
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The Blue Coat School Northgate Chester

The Blue Coat School is on the former site of the Hospital of St John the Baptist, founded by Randall Blundeville in the 12th century. The chapel and hospital were destroyed during the civil war. In 1700 the Blue Coat School was founded by Bishop Stratford for the education of 46 boys. The present building dates from 1717, and was restored in 1854.

There is a memorial to Bishop Stratford in the west end of Chester Cathedral.

Memorial to Bishop Stratford is in the west end of Chester Cathedral. Click to find out more

The is also a memorial window in Chester Cathedral Cloisters
Memorial Window to Bishop Stratford in Chester Cathedral Cloisters

Take a closer look at The Northgate

A closer view of The Northgate Page One A closer view of The Northgate Page Two

A closer view of The Northgate Page Three A closer view of The Northgate Page Four

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